Red Heads for Red Sox – Philip Ciampa Salons

Red Heads for Red Sox – Philip Ciampa Salons

Tony Ciampa over at Philip Ciampa Salon and Day Spa (a Vario Customer) was the subject of a post by Amy Derjue at the Boston Daily blog at Boston Magazine last week. Basically, forget about the pink hats, real Red Sox fans are going for red hair!

Tony Ciampa greets me with a plastic bag full of long red hair that resembles the Manic Panic samples I loved in my high school days. Now, I’m no Jessica Simpson, so I have to ask him how the application works.

“This is a protein-keratin base,” he explains, tapping his finger on what looks like a thin piece of plastic on the end of the human hair. “When it gets hot, we roll it along your hair and it holds on.”

Hmm…my daughter’s pink hat is now more aptly described as “Eccru” – perhaps it’s time to have Tony give her an “Upgrade.”

In other news, I just finished putting up the new Philip Ciampa Salon and Day Spa MySpace page. It’s still a work in progress, but so far it wasn’t too painless (freudian slip: I meant painful, but in truth, I guess there was some pain). I will say that MySpace is kind of like the internet with training wheels though. Not a lot you can do..

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