Friday Music Video: The Bridge

Friday Music Video: The Bridge

Just found these guys on – love ’em, so I’m sharing them. It was a little hard to find decent video (although they have a good one on their site, it’s not on YouTube. This cut is called “14 Days” performed live at their fan appreciation concert (I add points for that…), and the song appears on their “The Bridge” cd. Buy it (like I did) and support these guys…

Basically, we’ve got a funky, horn-laden jazz vibe here. Great musicianship, reminding me (on this cut) of classic Little Feat, or perhaps Buckwheat Zydeco…regardless, check this video out, then go and take a taste of some of the fine live shows they have posted on The live shows show a much better range than this video and have jumped to high rotation in Chateau Cahill.

Dig Deeper:

Band Site Mp3 Downloadable Live Gigs
Jambase Page
MySpace Page (has some nice production Mp3 stuff that’ll give you an idea of how good these guys are)

Note: While looking for info on this band, I was struck by how important it is to have a unique name. There are several other bands by the same name, plus just think about the problems of searching for “The Bridge” via Google. Do you want the Whitestone Bridge, the Mackinac Bridge…and YouTube was every bit as hard to find info on them. But once I did…meta data is my friend..

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