YouTube – The Onslaught of the MLMs

YouTube – The Onslaught of the MLMs

I was hoping this morning I could throw up a quick YouTube video, since I’m still onsite and have almost no time.  So I fired up YouTube and did a quick search by date on Marketing.  Then a search on “Small Business,” and then followed with “Web 2.0” and “Social Networking.”  The results surprised even old jaded me…

I guess I should have expected it.  The multilevel marketers are using YouTube at staggering volumes.  Try anyone of those searches and you’ll see tons of “MLM Success” type videos, etc.  But it doesn’t stop there, after watching a few of the videos quickly that appeared to fit the bill for what I wanted, they turned out to be MLM pitches that had been cleverly crafted by the pitch master.

Call me old fashioned.  I believe that there’s no reason to have steps in your sales and delivery process which don’t add value in some way.   And I don’t see how MLM manages to add value (and no, this is not a request for you to invite me to your seminar to explain it).

Small business should take a hint at how their using YouTube.  But in the end, I fear they’e turning it into a place where I’m not going to be able to find relevant results when I search.  Too bad…

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