Already a Rough Winter

Already a Rough Winter

I returned home from DC last Friday to find the family car straddling the stone wall at the edge of the driveway, blocking it, and the drive unplowed.  Apparently my wife decided that she needed to go out for bread and milk during last Thursday’s storm.  After 3 hours of dissembling said wall and digging out Saturday morning I was finally able to extract the car.

Sunday’s storm left something like 4 inches by the time I hauled myself out of bed.  The plow had already been there, so I figured I was all set.  Wrong again – turns out at some point during the day he blew the tranmission on his truck, and never returned.  When I talked to him Monday morning, he promised to be back around noon time.  I got the call last night from the wife complaining that the drive was still a mess, and expressing her extreme displeasure.

Nothing is easy…and I’m betting the snow has now made the conversion to steel. 

I’ll post some photos when I get back.  In my rush to get back for my  last week in DC, I left both my Ipod and my Camera on my bureau.

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