Why Frequent Testing of Ecommerce Apps is Important

Why Frequent Testing of Ecommerce Apps is Important

Today is the 10th anniversary of wedding 2.0 – and I’m in D.C., which really annoys my wife to no end.  So I did what many of you are doing this holiday season, I went online to order flowers.

In the past, I’ve used FTD for flowers.  So I went to their site this morning, and found a suitable bouquet (wife 2.0 doesn’t like roses…) and tried to check out.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a buy now button.  A site error made it impossible for me to order.

Off I went to Flowers.com where I was able to order the flowers you see in the picture with this post (and yes, it’s got roses in it, because I didn’t find anything along the lines of what I wanted).  I ended up spending $15 more than I would have at FTD.

The lesson is this: if you have problems with your ecomm site, your customers probably aren’t going to tell you – they will simply go somewhere else.

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