Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism

An interesting discussion yesterday on Citizen Journalism, most of which I can’t relay due to confidentiality. One of the more experienced editors in the group noted this salient point:

We’ve got 5 layers of editing, designed specifically to keep errors from making it to print and to the site, but they still do.   Bloggers don’t even have that…

That’s been my fundamental problem with the entire citizen journalist movement. We’re giving up on the real value that news media in general and newspapers in particular have always supplied: news that you can rely on.

I’m again on site this week, sorry for the light posting, but the demands of paying work outweigh my desire to bloviate on the matters of the day. Besides, I’m so immersed in the stuff I’m working on that anything I did try to write would no doubt be obtuse and archane.

Right now, I’m struggling with Asp.NET, the ASPNET user, permissions and establishing reliable data paths between servers. I swear the entire scenario was designed by Lucifer himself. Later, I get to look at TCL scripts.

One thought on “Citizen Journalism

  1. The terms “citizen journalist” is a misnomer in almost all cases. How many bloggers are actually reporting anything – interviewing story subjects, digging up facts, and putting them together into a news story? Almost none.

    Unfortunately, if you watch CNN or Fox you’ll get the idea that journalism consists telling people what other people are saying and perhaps adding your opinion to it.

    “Citizen punditry” would be a better term for it.

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