Thoughts on our First Snow Storm of the Year

Thoughts on our First Snow Storm of the Year

The first snow of the year in Massachusetts is an interesting time.  Even if it’s a dusting, it will usually tie the area roads up in knots.  It’s as though most of us forget how to drive in snow over the warmer months.  Then there’s the inevitable rush to the stores to buy milk the night before the storm.  You’d think we were looking at the beginning of the apocalypse…but that probably is a result of the famous 1978 blizzard, when many did run out of the basics while they waited for the roads to reopen.

Basic hints from a New Englander on dealing with snow:

  • After the first snow fall, find a parking lot that still has snow in it.  Practice skidding and getting the vehicle back under control until you’re able to really handle a fishtail.
  • Kitty litter, shovel, blanket and the like in your trunk, just in case.
  • Get snow tires if your car isn’t good in the slippery stuff.
  • Keep a pair of gloves and a good snow scraper in the car.  Nothing is worse than tearing your fingers apart trying to remove ice from a windshield.
  • Don’t drive if you don’t have to.  It’s not worth it, in terms of potential damage, and in terms of potential stress.
  • While you may be a good driver in the snow, there isn’t a person alive that can control a car on ice.  Know the difference, and don’t drive at all during ice storms.

It comes down to this: be prepared and don’t be stupid.

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