Local Search Optimization – Your Path to Success

Local Search Optimization – Your Path to Success

The secrets of local search optimizationI recently rolled out the http://www.powerupgeneratorservice.com site and in reviewing the initial search results are very interesting. To begin with, some background.

Power Up Generator’s previous site was a single page, which hadn’t been optimized at all. They didn’t every turn up #1 when you searched on their own name.

My initial survey of the site brought forward a problem for search optimization: they do business across New England. Yet no one searches for “new england” when they look for generator service, parts, sales, etc. They search for the state.

So I was faced really with the chore of optimizing not for a single base keyword set, but 7 variants of that set. Here’s how I answered the challenge:

  1. The pages were handcoded using php and tableless css design to minimize the code on the page. This provides a better keyword density, which is the first and most important thing.
  2. I made full use of the metatags, title and description to echo the important keywords.
  3. H1, H2, bold text are your friends. These identifiers are how search engines find important text, such as your keywords.
  4. Image alt tags – by all means they should describe the photo, but they can also be used to restate your keywords. Instead of “Foobartronics HK236 Johnson Rod” you use “Foobartronics HK236 Johnson Rod – My prime keyword here Products.”

That’s pretty much it. I always load a Google Sitemap and load the site in Google Webmaster Tools, then set up a Google Alert for anyone linking to the site. Then it’s a matter of watching your analytics package and fine tuning.

Not sure it can work? Check this result less than 2 weeks after site go live…

Then try replacing Vermont with any other New England state.

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