Revisiting the Implied Responsibility of Comms Providers

Regarding my post yesterday about the Implied Responsibility of Comms Providers, two things happened over night that bear mentioning.

  • Twitter again was down for a couple hours starting at 4pm EDT, or so.
  • Users were a lot less charitable in their comments.

I really think they’re at stage 2 in the matrix I provided, but I’ve seen the first signs that they’re moving from step 2 to step 3, which is a very bad thing for Twitter. Jeremiah Owyang tweeted this morning:

Hey are you on Friendfeed? It’s more reliable than twitter, and there’s a meta-conversation there

And that, my friends is how things start to go down hill.

(BTW, I re-read yesterdays post – I definitely would have benefited from more coffee and from a copy editor’s assistance. I may clean it up over the weekend…)

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