There may be method to the Apple Madness

There may be method to the Apple Madness

I haven’t tried it yet, but there are reports from many sectors that Apple is offering free wireless access for Iphone users at Starbucks locations. Very strange when you consider that we have Edge network access and generally don’t need a regular wireless network.

Here’s the method though: there is a minor hack that will allow PC or Mac users to access for free: all they have to do is fire up Safari and then going to Edit->Advanced checking off “Show Develop Menu” then restarting the browser and you’ll see a new menu called develop at the top of the browser.  Then go to Develop->User Agent and select “Mobile Safari – Iphone.”

So now we understand why Apple Update for the PC pushed Safari a couple weeks ago.  They’re making a play to get access to the PC market, and they’ve come up with an interesting way to get us to do it.  They’re not asking us to try it, they’re giving us a reason to try it.

There are no coincidences…

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