A few random thoughts…

A few random thoughts…

Sorry for the lack of posts. More one what’s been up really soon.

A few random thoughts:

  • Services like Twitter and Plurk on the Iphone are like crack for Geeks.
  • I’ve learned more about scalability in web apps in the past 2 weeks than you can imagine.
  • Somehow we’ve managed to create a whole new class of internet celebrities. Have I ever mentioned how I hate the celebrity factor…
  • Check out the Lenovo Olympics site – Stevie Glas did an incredible job… http://summergames.lenovo.com

A quick video (thanks to D Churbuck for the pointer):

More soon – I have to take Annie the cat to the vet. I picked her up last night and she is just fur and bones. I hope it’s a worm and not something worse. But then she is 18 years old and has lead a better life than most people.

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