Louderback on TWIT – a must hear Podcast

Louderback on TWIT – a must hear Podcast

Over Memorial Day weekend Revision3, the online video cast site suffered a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack at the hands of Media Defender, who is a contract Digital Rights enforcer for the media industry. With Leo Laporte and crew this week, Louderback discusses what happened and in doing so gives both an excellent, non-technical explanation of how DDOS works, as well as providing the clearest view into both the digital rights argument and the new media vs. old media conundrum.

Download the Twit podcast through Itunes or go here to get it. Episode 145: Deadly Syns

I don’t have time to really comment on this now, but will try to pull together my thoughts tomorrow.

(Disclosure: Jim Louderback is a friend from my college days at UVM.)

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