More on Newspaper Outsourcing

More on Newspaper Outsourcing

CNBC posted on the newspaper outsourcing issue yesterday, and noted that not only is copy editing going overseas for a trial, one of the OC Register’s parent companies papers is now sending pages to New Delhi for layout.

Mindworks Global Media will copy edit some of the papers stories for a one-month trial starting next week. And a community newspaper owned by the O.C. Register’s parent company–it didn’t name which one–will outsource page layout to Mindworks, which is based outside New Delhi.

This isn’t enabling any layoffs–not yet. The company insists it’s just a test, and it won’t affect reporting or decision making and that O.C.-based editors will continue to oversee the month. Orange County Register Communications has been suffering through a rough patch. As its circulation tumbled, dropping the company from being California’s third largest paper to its fifth largest, the company has done three rounds of layoffs in the past year.

That’s big news – since paginators are typically members of The Newspaper Guild (I am fairly certain that Freedom Communications has a contract with them). And even bigger news is that this story has only been picked up in a handful of spots around the web. Either the stories in stealth mode, or perhaps there just isn’t anyone who cares anymore.

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