My IPhone is a Brick

My IPhone is a Brick

Accidentally plugged my Iphone into the charger for my IPod and I came back to find the ominous message “Your IPhone is not working properly – contact – at which point the battery died, the screen went black and I rejoined the ranks of the unconnected.

So if you’re trying to reach me, your options are extremely limited right now.  I’m headed the Apple store this evening to try to get it fixed.

General stuff from the weekend:

  • What a shock it is going from rainy 50 degree weather to 90’s and bright sun.
  • The kids did their recital with Joann Warren Studios yesterday, totally awesome.  Madison did acro and pulled out the first cartwheel I’ve ever seen her nail, while Mackenzie did a brilliant ballet number.
  • Got some good video for YouTube coming of the kids using a trampoline.
  • The cat is back from the vet.  She’s gained back some weight and seems to be feeling fine.  Kidney problems, as well as a bladder infection.

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