A Good Run, But We Fell Short

A Good Run, But We Fell Short

Okay, this will be the last Red Sox post of the year.  The boys put up a valient effort and gave us some utterly gut wrenching baseball the past few nights.

There isn’t much I can say, the better team did win in the end, despite an incredible, heroic, effort by the Sox,

The boys at SurvivingGrady.com sum it up best:

Yeah, losing sucks. It always sucks. But after 2004, it just doesn’t hurt as bad. Instead of busting out the liquor, guns and inflatable sheep, I’m looking forward to next year. Not cursing the Red Sox, but thanking them for another exciting post-season. I have a feeling we’ll be back here again.

Yeah, we’ll be back, but I suspect there will be some major roster moves.  Tek batted .050 in the ALCS and is up for a new contract.  Ortiz was really showing his age.  And we’ve got talent on down on the farm, which means we can start looking forward to the team we’ll have in 2010.

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