Dad-o-Matic: The Halloween Costume

Dad-o-Matic: The Halloween Costume

My latest post at Dad-o-matic is up, “The Halloween Costume: It’ll Give You Nightmares” with tips for costume rules for tween age girls:

  • Halloween is cold, so no exposed skin.  When it doubt, wear a leotard.
  • If the costume would display your belly button, you’re wearing a leotard.
  • Halloween involves a lot of walking, you should wear appropriate shoes.  Spike heels have no place on young girls.
  • If the costume is too suggestive, as defined by your dad, you’re not wearing it.
  • If you’re over 10, you need to make your own costume, at home, with stuff from the house, and yes, all of the previous rules still apply, possibly even more so.
  • Even in costume, you still are a representative of this family, and will act accordingly.

Read it all over at Dad-o-matic.

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