CNN on the Does and Dont’s of Social Networking Sites

CNN on the Does and Dont’s of Social Networking Sites

Check out the CNN article here…

Okay, you’re betting I’m gonna get all snarky on them and tell you how they don’t know what their talking about. Actually, just the opposite, they’ve come up with a very good, very simple guide that is worth passing on to the SN newbies you know. It just might keep them out of hot water in the workplace.

Actually they had one bit that I hadn’t really thought of before:

Don’t forget others can see your friends

Unless you’ve opted to keep your friends list private, your friends can see the contacts you’ve made. So in addition to keeping your friends’ risque pictures and comments off of your profile, be cautious about whom you friend and when.

“Connecting to five people at Company XYZ after a day of vacation is a sure sign you are interviewing,” Vergara cautions.

Ouch – that could make for a very awkward closed door meeting with your current employer and a fast transition for you to the world of ex-employee.

It’s worth a read.

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