New wider format

New wider format

Looking at my analytics package, I noticed that virtually no one is reading this at 800 x 600 screen resolution, so I devoted a whole lot more width to the content section of the page.  I’ll probably juggle things around a little more tomorrow and sort out some of the minor formatting in the right side columns and such.  It’s the age old story, the web developer’s site is the last site he pays attention to.

In making this change, I thought it kind of funny how few blogs have moved to a 1024 screen layout, while most websites have.  800 x 600 is dead…and if you’re using it, you’re damned used to seeing sites that are broken for you.  In my case, the right column will hang off the page, which is a suitable result for me, as I’m not a huge fan of fluid designs.  If you’re still on a 800 x 600 presentation, I suggest it’s time to change.  Especially since 800 wide design looks like a postage stamp when viewed on a wide screen laptop.

The funny thing is I am working on a site right now where we’ve still got a fair number of users coming in at the small screen resolution, and even using the AOL Browser.  If you want a real experience, try surfing the web at 800 x 600 via an AOL Browser.  Better, yet, do if via dialup for the full experience.

Coincidentally, I called Charter Cable this morning on a support issue and the nice account rep offered to “review my services” which is usually sales speak for “sell you something you don’t need for more than you need to pay”.  To my surprise, she offered to double the bandwidth of my internet connection for $10 more a month.

“Why yes, I would very much like to double the speed of my connection, thank you!”

So today, I am playing with power.  It’s not that my bandwidth was low before (5Mbps), but with the streaming video I do, it was starting to lag occasionally.  And at 10 Mbps I am noticing a big difference.  Hmmm…I wonder how much their 15 Mbps service would cost…

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