Things I’m Thankful for…

Things I’m Thankful for…

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the US, the day when we stop to give thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened to us in the past year.

This year I’m thankful:

  • For family, friends, and you, my readers.
  • For having a great job with NameMedia, where I look forward to working every day.  A place where there are more years of social media and online community experience than exist at any other 10 companies combined.
  • That my friends and family with health issues all appear to be on the mend.
  • That I once again didn’t manage to sink another boat, didn’t drowned or nearly drowned, and with a little luck, will survive to see 2009.
  • That it will be another 4 years until we have to endure another presidential election.

Looking forward, I hope that the economy improves, and you and yours experience continued prosperity.  If the economy doesn’t improve, maybe we can institute a new tradition next year and make this “shank an investment banker day” or possibly “bludgeon an auto exec day.”

Personally, I’m incorporating and will be requesting a bailout from the Federal Government.  I hear it’s all the rage…

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