10 Things Every Journalist Should Know in 2009

10 Things Every Journalist Should Know in 2009

…And every blogger as well.  From Journalism.co.uk via Brenda Christensen, a list of the skills every journalist should have.  

5. That churnalism is much easier to spot online. If you do this regularly, your readers are already on to you – merely re-writing press releases without bringing anything to the table no longer cuts it.

6. Google is your friend. But if you are not using advanced search techniques, you really have no idea what it is capable of.

7. You do not have to own, or even host, the technology to innovate in journalism and engage your readers. There is a plethora of free or cheap tools available online, so there is no excuse for not experimenting with them.


I’d add to the list one thing: that journalism doesn’t only happen at newspapers, or the established news channels.  It happens where ever you are, in whatever you write.  The world is changing for journalists.  You can be an innovator.

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