The Little Things – Executing a Presidential Site Update

The Little Things – Executing a Presidential Site Update

For those of us that live and work in the world of the web, we know how important launching your new site at the right time is.  Today we saw an execution like no other.  While President Barack Obama was sworn in, a site update for was launched, and it’s a good one.

My initial assessment is this: the change was well timed, prefectly executed, and seems to offer all the basics we could want, from a very strong call to action, to a new Presidential blog.

The site is built in, and though the source code doesn’t credit a generator system, I see some indicators that point to them possibly using an Ektron CMS400 system, although the code looks much cleaner than any Ektron site I’ve seen before.

Whatever the system, my congrats to the team pulled it together!  I expect with this level of execution, we’ll see a site with frequent updates and as well managed as we hope the country will be.

2 thoughts on “The Little Things – Executing a Presidential Site Update

  1. Keep playing Bow Thayer and perfect trainwreck,I am going to see them open for Levon Helm tomorrow night and they are going to be recording there new album LIVE now that takes balls.
    Mike Dann

    1. I’m really looking foreward to seeing him at the Lucky Dog next Friday, Feb 6. in Worcester. You going to be there? I’ve already got a decent group of folks going, and will probably put out info for a pre-show tweet up/blog meet up session down the road at Block Five.

      Mike, pick the tune for next Friday’s Music Video – which is your fav?

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