Friday Music Video: Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck

Friday Music Video: Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck

Bow Thayer rocks – I’ve been a fan since the 1980s and he just keeps on getting better.  I had a hard time choosing which song to use, so be sure to check out some of his other great stuff on YouTube, and buy his album.  He’ll be playing at The Lucky Dog Music Saloon in Worcester on Feb. 6, and in Cambridge at Club Passim on Jan. 28 – be sure to check him out. I’ll be at the Lucky Dog show…

Bow Thayer’s Website

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One thought on “Friday Music Video: Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck

  1. Hi i am with you about Bow He has been an amazing song writer for decades and has not gotten the exosure but that is changing and he and his band are going to be a force in music for awhile.Obama used the line “pick yourself up and dust yourself off ” that is very close to the chorus in the Bow Thayer song featuring Levon Helm 10,000 beer cans on the Recent cd Spend it all.Speaking of Levon I saw Bow Thayer and the perfect trainwreck open Levon’s 100th ramble and the were sick.Clb Passim Bill also has Sean Staples band Resorphonics Sean and Bow were in The Boston band The Benders together.
    Mike Dann

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