2 Terabyte SD Card in the Works from Panasonic

2 Terabyte SD Card in the Works from Panasonic

This changes everything.  Right now a terabyte of storage space in an external drive is about 6″ x 4″ by 3″ – this will reduce it to the size of an SD card that you use in your camera.  That means the vision of the netbook can be realized, that laptops can become smaller, thinner and lighter and that you’ve got data portability like you never even considered before.

Think about being able to haul around your sd card and plug it in to any machine and have all your “stuff”, files, programs, etc.  Anywhere, on any machine.  Heck, your machine at that point becomes completely virtual.

And then consider what this does for handheld devices.  Things like Iphones and Androids all of a sudden your world changes.  Forget about deciding which podcasts you take, you simply bring all our data.

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