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7 Replies to “I Now Understand Why GM Is In Trouble…”

  1. You used to like the Blazer, a couple more you might want to look at…. I’m very happy with my Acura MDX. When I was shopping for the MDX, my second choice was a Toyota Highlander, the MDX got the edge because of my thing for gadgets, but probably the 2009 versions of the Highlander have all the requisite gadgets now.

    1. My truck was actually repairable. The problem came from the brake job that was done several months ago. Although 2 front rotors were ordered for a 2wd ranger, apparently we were given 1 for a 2wd and one for a 4wd. They saw the 4wd version and priced accordingly, but when they looked again, they found it was less than half the cost to do the job. Still looking, but not buying right away, as my wife’s 05 Impala blew its head gasket at 58,000 miles the next day after my car broke. I’ll lay that problem at Chevy’s feet as well. Who ever heard of a mid-size car with 58,000 miles needing a head gasket?

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