Lucky…Truck Breaks Down

Lucky…Truck Breaks Down

I’m behind the eight ball this week. My truck broke down last night on the Mass Pike and I was luckily able to limp into the Westboro Rest Area. Very lucky, in fact, as I found that I didn’t have my coat with me and with temps in the teens, I’d have been very unhappy at the side of the road.

The mechanic just called to tell me I need $1,400 in front end work, which is the death sentence for the truck. So I now need to get very creative and get some reliable wheels under me. Hmmm…I wonder how anxious the auto makers are to sell vehicles…after all a guy who commutes 30k miles a year should be driving something somewhat reliable…and probably, thinking about my driveway, with 4 wheel drive.

The mechanic said when he put it up on the lift, one of the wheels fell off. Again, I guess I am lucky.

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