The Brand You is Dead. « eyecube

The Brand You is Dead. « eyecube

The Brand You is Dead. Long Live The Brand You Build. « eyecube.

Right on the money…to once again quote from Dr. Zhivago “The personal life is dead in Russia – history has killed it!”

This is the single biggest thing that I see people pushing back against when it comes to Social Media – we resent the relentless injection of uber-egos into the mix.  The New Year is here, and with it, we find a new reality; one in which we get down to business and that business will rely on us building our brands, because in the end, that’s what we’re supposed to be selling.

Over the past couple months, I’ve seen the backlash building, but this puts it into perspective.  The personal brand is dead in America…the economy killed it.

3 thoughts on “The Brand You is Dead. « eyecube

  1. I partially agree. Online big egos are at risk, personal brands: not.

    In times of economic turmoil it is somewhat important to have a good personal brand just in case.

  2. Excellent point – it is the Internet A-List types that are at risk. It’s always important to maintain your personal brand, but I think in the last year, we saw many online marketers go far beyond that to the detriment of the actual product/brands they were marketing.

  3. I absolutely agree. Too much ego hurts the brand.

    The risk for brands with egos is that people CAN leave a company (eg: Scoble), with some fortune companies will get smart enough and hire Social Marketers because of their vision and not the ranks of followers.

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