A Few Random Thoughts

A Few Random Thoughts

I’m deep into my February Funk…so I don’t have much to say right now.  The news isn’t great and looks like it could easily get worse.

  • Depending who you listen to, the cost of the government bailout is as low as 900 Billion Dollars (capitalized, because such a number deserves respect) or as high as 4.7 Trillion Dollars (figuring the cost of previous efforts, and the cost of t-bills to fund it).  
  • Never empty your weapon when a battle is just starting – I fear we’re spending at such a level here that we will have no further options if this doesn’t work.  I’d feel a little better if this was broken up and applied more judiciously.
  • We’re essentially trying to solve a problem caused by excessive personal debt and overly optimimistic lending by putting the Federal Government into massive debt.  The kind it will take them decades to pay off.  Sounds like a recipe for deflating the value of our currency to me.
  • We’re back to the same old games on Capitol Hill. with both sides claiming the other is playing politics.  I’d have felt better if President Obama had crafted the bill himself instead of turning the House and Senate crews loose to work their magic.  
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, unlike other states that are furloughing workers to save costs has voted to make 9/11 a paid holiday for all police.  Um…lest we forget, the attacks did not happen here…they happened in NY and over Pennsylvania.  
  • Meanwhile, they are now seriously considering raising the gas tax to the highest in the nation.
  • Worcester, MA is cutting down tousands of trees to combat the Asian Longhorned Beetle – pestilence for fun and profit.  Areas of Worcester are quickly becoming denuded.
  • First case of Ebola in US confirmed – wow, that’s what we’re missing, a good plague.


  • Pitchers and catchers report to training camp on Friday.
  • The warm temps are reminding me that winter cannot last forever.
  • Paying off the massive Federal Debt will be my kids problem more than mine.
  • I’m still employed and love my job. 

That’s it for now. Sorry, my usual font of optimism has run dry today.

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