The Fun Continues…

The Fun Continues…


Im lucky this didnt happen to me
I'm lucky this didn't happen to me

I got in my truck to go to the office Monday morning and tthe brake pedal went to the floor.  Very lucky to have had it happen there, rather than on the road.  The mechanic described it as a “catastrophic rear brake failure” which required replacement of all the rear brake components.


A few random observations:

  • Rss becoming even more important to the interoperability of websites and content tools. I’ve got 5 separate projects for different sites, all of which seem to need a decent script to process. The funny thing is  that I wrote just such a script in 2003 for Reel-Time.
  • Google Wave will be a force moving forward – but I am always concerned about committing to components in my sites that are not under my control.  Their reliance on javascript which allows for asynchronous processing goes a long way toward answering my questions.
  • Twitter is becoming the cesspool I predicted – retweet bots and dm spammers are making it a place I wish to associate with less and less.  Perhaps it’s time to give my friends list an enema.
  • Developers may force HTML 5 adoption – there are lots of very cool things that can be done, and I suspect many of us do not want to wait 6 more years to start leveraging them.
  • I miss my boat – okay, maybe not so much that boat, but the fun I had on it.  I really need to find something, but unfortunately my finances have a different story to tell.  Even worse, read the first paragraph again, and that bit screams “time for a new truck.”
  • There simply aren’t enough hours – so I guess I may have to give up sleeping.
  • Fishing with my daughters is one of my favorite things to do.

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