A Month Without Blogging…

A Month Without Blogging…

Madison at Newburyport
Madison at Newburyport

Not my personal choice, but more a relection on how utterly busy I have been.  Some great stuff going on, some not so great, but such is the natural progression of life.

I have an interesting comment from my 11 yo daughter Madison on my about page:

“hi, dad! Whats up? So……can I have an account for All Things Cahill,or the family website,pretty please with 100,000,000,000,000 CHERRYS on top.”

My first knee jerk reaction was pretty much what you’d expect…then I thought about what my objections are:

  • Controlling what she posts – kids don’t generally understand what’s appropriate to share and what is meant to be kept private.
  • It’s my site, and my byline – she might post or do something on my blog that would reflect on me.

After a little thought, I realize that both of these concerns are easily dealt with.  By setting her up as a contributor to the blog, I would have to publish her posts, affording me the chance to read them.  Similarly, if I were to enforce upon her a particular category, I could exclude it from my main page, and force her off onto her own page, something like http://www.allthingscahill.com/madison and if I wanted to, I might even make that page password protected so that I could be sure I knew who was reading her posts.

So, for now, it looks like I’m going to grant her request.  More on this shortly…

In other general news, I have been tweeting a lot of Reel-Time.com under the Twitter handle Reel_Time – and I have found that tweeting as an informational stream for a site is pretty cool.  I’m using CoTweet thanks to Esteban and I’ve found I really like their service.  Hootsuite is similar, and is currently open to the public as well.

3 thoughts on “A Month Without Blogging…

  1. We missed you, Mark.

    I wonder what an 11 yo would blog about 🙂

    I guess it might be a cool experiment and you might learn a thing or two about her in the process.

    Password protected would be the way to go if oyu asked me.

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