Social Networking for Tween Girls

Social Networking for Tween Girls

It was utterly inevitable…via CruchGear and Matt Brodeur:

So this seems like a good enough idea. It’s called MySecretCircle and it’s basically it’s a closed social network for girls. You and your buds buy a USB key that acts as your login. It autoruns under Windows and OS X and brings up a photo and journal sharing system that only allows certain people access to your daughter’s personal info.

In theory and in practice this is great. It ensures your tween doesn’t connect with creeps like me. Kids can only connect with friends that have their private key – no one else exists in the site except for Sabrina Circle, the Tom of this candy-pink MySpace.

Social networking and tweeners is a match made in heaven for them, and hell for us parents.  Can’t you just hear it “Daddy, she flamed me…”

It sounds like a great idea, but I think they’ve missed something in the realm of parental control.  I’ll have a good look soon, and if it works, I’m sure I’ll have two little beta testers pounding the keys before you know it.

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