Random Summer Thoughts

I’m so busy I forgot to book my summer vacation until yesterday.  Apparently the kids go back to school a week earlier than I thought so I will be off the week of the 17th.   Which I hadn’t planned…so let me know if you have some cool, cheap, ideas for New England summer fun with kids.

  • Even with baseball, I’m gonna admit, it hasn’t felt like summer to me.  Where has that skin scorching heat been?
  • Some times those little ideas are the ones that stick sideways in your throat on the way down.  Like “gee, let’s change ad servers…” or “let’s move the data center…”  They sound great in the initial meeting, but when you get around to it, it always seems like its “the work you planned, times 6.”
  • After careful thought I have to admit that I really don’t like javascript.  Can you say “obtuse and obscure”?  Sure you can!  Why not develop a decent client side counterpart to the php we all know and (okay, not love, but maybe) tolerate.
  • Motivation: it’s one thing to talk, another to do.  I am working on less talk, more do, myself.
  • The exigencies of current business climate necessitate much more effort from all of us than was required a year ago.  Try to focus on the stuff that really matters, and don’t be afraid to let some of the little stuff go.

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