Podcasts…My Commuting Salvation

Podcasts…My Commuting Salvation

I’ve got a commute to work that takes over an hour…with traffic, it can easily become two hours.  Rather than listen to talk radio, I listen to podcasts.

Remember them?  Sure you do…they were popular a few years ago.

The other night my daughters derisively referred to a television show they scanned past as  “that’s something Dad would watch…” Funny how I never realized that they saw my viewing choices that way before…

So, for in hopes that some of you may actually share my taste in podcasts, here you go.  In no real order, the podcasts I recommend you check out:

  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – Dan manages to take very complex, and very much overlooked historical topics and puts them into a context we can easily understand.  He’s not a historian, but no one explains history as well.
  • This Week In Tech – Leo Laporte and gang get us up to date weekly on what’s happening in tech.  If you listen to one tech podcast, this is it.
  • This Week In Media – They hit a lot of niche media topics, although they tend to focus on video, they hit a broad enough spectrum to appeal to me.  Daisy Whitney hosts, with regulars like Alex Lindsey providing incredibly rich color.
  • Boag World – I’m a web developer, and this web design podcast is the best.  Paul Boag offers a great British take on the world of web design.
  • KCRW’s Martini Shot with Rob Long – Veteran TV writer and producer Rob Long turns his whit back on the industry itself.  Best advice to you: download them all and listen to every single one.
  • The History Network Podcast – Essays in Military History – if you like Military History, this one’s for you.  Also check out their Ancient Warfare Podcast…
  • Tekzilla from Revision3 – Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont with hands on how to tech you can use.  Another must listen…

Please add your suggestions in the comments…

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