Find Something to be Thankful For…

The holidays are the hardest time for many people.  Instead of a time of joy and togetherness like you or I might seek, they are often caught in a world of loneliness and depression.

For some, dealing with something as simple as having family members all together for a single meal is too much to take, due to past issues or complex family dynamics.  That 40 year old business woman sitting across the table may actually be feeling like a 10 yo little girl who has been exiled to the leper table.

For some, this time of year is not a kick off to the wonder of the holidays, but to an entire season of pain…

Even with the financial crises we face, with layoffs, with war, with uncertainty, there is so very much for us to be thankful for.  Express your thanks tomorrow by helping someone else find those things they can be thankful for.  Help others to experience a holiday without emotional strife and perhaps you’ll find you have made all the difference to someone else.

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