Mark’s Unofficial Guide to Dealing with the Butt Flu

Mark’s Unofficial Guide to Dealing with the Butt Flu

Okay, for those of you who don’t have 11 year olds around to explain it to you: H1N1 Flu = Heinie Flu = Butt Flu.

Yesterday, not a nice time.  This morning, again not so nice, but this afternoon feeling much better.  My tips, which, of course, shouldn’t take the place of real, trained medical advice.

  • Stock up on the ibuprofen – this thing brings with it killer headaches, and even worse, astoundingly painful muscle and joint aches.  My advice: ibuprofen by the fistful.
  • Fluids – stock up on various juice, ginger ale and gatorade – our triage nurse tells us the big problem is with dehydration.  Luckily, although I’ve felt nauseous, I’m not actively riding that bus.
  • Quarantine – yeah, I used to be one of those “I can work through anything” types.  Now I may still be working, but I am doing it from home and I will continue to do so for 7 days after the last time I spike a fever.
  • Naps are my friend – I’m taking them when I need.

(I wrote this last week and promptly got a killer headache and went back to bed. I was able to work much of the week, but in retrospect, should have had the good sense to just lay down and let the thing run its course.  Feeling great today though!)

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