New Book, Site & Forum:

New Book, Site & Forum:

Last night Karl Susman opened his new site which I developed over the holidays.  The site is to support his new book, “Love Your Geek”, which was released over the weekend for the Kindle and will be arriving in the full splendor of print on February 1.  Many of you will know Karl from his podcasts, and if you don’t you ought to check them out.

The site is a combination of WordPress and BBPress Forum, designed to foster discussion around the book as well as provided news, reviews, etc.  Technically, it required customization of an existing theme, and design integration with the BBPress theme.

If you’re a geek like me, you’ll love the book.  If you aren’t it ought to be required reading to clue you in as to how lucky your are to have us.

They are your personal “always-on-call” computer “fixers;” your personal helper with All Things Computer. Broken Printer? Screen “not-responding”? Spill coffee on your keyboard? Computer “locked-up,” or just “not working” the way you want it to? You call your resident Geek.

You don’t pay them. You don’t ask them. You just call them – and expect the Geek to be there for you. And, of course, you accept nothing less than, “problem solved.”
In this short book, I’m going to tell you what it’s like to be Your Geek.

Go check out the site!

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