New vBulletin Theme –

New vBulletin Theme –

One of the first tasks I’ve tackled this week was updating both the software and the theme on  A fairly simple project, but one with big rewards for the crew, I think.

The project was fairly simple.  Take one vBulletin site that had a completely separate look and integrate it into the look and feel of the site.  No small task, but luckily one I had some level of experience with, having worked on the WordPress project a few months ago.  Still, vBulletin templates are notorious for their ability to frustrate developers and evade integration.  It’s all part of that “a bazillion nested tables without a single id to be found” thing that has had designers complaining for the better part of a decade.

This is really phase two of another project, in which I had updated the out of date software and got things up to date.  Now the site has a nice, clean, professional looking design, vs. the tossed together theme it had been sporting for the past 4 months.

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