Random Thoughts

A bit of randomness…since I’ve been working like crazy the past two weeks.

  • Once again we have a foiled terrorist attack and the media immediately blames the usual suspect, middle age white guys.  Talk about racial profiling…
  • The striped bass have hit Boston Harbor.  Personally, I want to head to the Cape and try the rivers for schoolies this weekend.
  • I’m laying off the Red Sox tweets for a while.  Still watching the games, but I see we’ve still got exactly the problem we had last year: streaky hitting that makes for decent personal stats and an early Fall golf season for the players.
  • I’m shocked and dismayed that everyone is complaining about Arizona trying to enforce immigration law.  Who would honestly suggest a full open border policy, especially with the drug crime alone our southern border?  When our national government decides it will selectively enforce legally enacted laws, we’ve got a big problem.  If immigration law is a problem, fix it, don’t ignore it.  It sets an nasty precedent.
  • Sutton, MA, where I live has one of the highest property tax rates in the state.  They want to build a new high school, and honestly, they need it.  The old one is in horrid shape, I’ve been there recently.  The funding battle ought to be interesting…
  • WordPress 3.0 will be out soon.  This merges the WordPress MU fork and regular old WordPress.  It ought to be interesting.  I am looking forward to getting rid of one MU setup I have laying around in favor of the more familiar main branch of code.
  • I’m particularly feeling the lack of a boat this season.  I REALLY want to get something…

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