My Open Source Web Dev List

My Open Source Web Dev List

Here is the list of stuff I load onto my machine right after firing it up for the first time:

  1. 7-zip – open source package for handling zip, tar, gzip
  2. WinSCP – ftp, scp, sftp
  3. Putty – in case I need to talk to a server, this is my preferred SSH client
  4. TextPad – all the text editor I need for just about any task. Don’t forget to tell it to syntax highlight PHP and turn on line numbers! (not open source, but cheap and good)
  5. Mysql Workbench – a nice little tool for MySql admin and query browsing
  6. Firefox, Safari, Chrome browsers – gotta test in all the browsers!
  7. Firefox web developer toolbar
  8. Hex Color Finder – use the dropper to get the hex color of anything on your screen
  9. Tortoise SVN – my fav svn tool
  10. OpenOffice – for all the stuff you used to use Windows Office for…
  11. Gimpshop – taking the place of Photoshop (hint: do not install anywhere other than program files – BE SURE!)
  12. Irfanview – batch editing photos, contact sheets, etc.
  13. Handbrake – video editing
  14. Audacity – Audio editing
  15. Tweetdeck – twitter client
  16. Skype – internet phone and chat

That’s it.  With all that loaded, I’m ready for 95% of my computing needs.  What would you add to the list?

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