Thoughts on Hitting the Half Century Mark

Thoughts on Hitting the Half Century Mark

It’s official, I’m now 50 years old.  So get off my lawn, ya darned hippies!  Get a haircut!

The transition to “grumpy old man Cahill” is now pretty much complete.  In addition to a new found desire to buy a straw fedora, drive 40 in the fast lane on the Pike, and hit the early bird special at Denny’s, I’ve also got some advice for all you young whippersnappers

  • Get better by being better – talking about it is one thing.  Actually making the changes that are needed to improve is much harder.  In the long run, the harder route is often the best.
  • Surround yourself with the best – you can’t do it all, so try to have the best team around you.
  • Find a mentor and be a mentor – I’ve been lucky to have had some great people like David Churbuck, Max Jordan, Marcel Badowski, Ed Andrews and others help me in the past.  I try to return the favor every chance I get by helping the younger team members.
  • Humor helps – there’s so much in life that can tear you apart.  Keep your humor and it’ll be that much more bearable.
  • Find problems and fix or eliminate them – life’s too short, don’t tolerate the crap.  Make it better or make it go away.
  • Keep your friends and family close – in the end, the time you spend with them is the time you cherish.  Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while today, or better yet, go and see them.
  • Crush your enemies coldly and without mercy lest they rise again – what did you expect, all puppies and unicorns?  When you need to do something, get it done!

For anyone that’s interested, we’ll be celebrating the birthday Saturday night at the Point Breeze in Webster at 8pm.  Come on down if you’re in the area!

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