The Reinfather Trilogy

The Reinfather Trilogy

<This post has become our annual xmas season special.  Enjoy…and may yoose keep ya’s noses clean, be good earners and stay in the good graces of the Reinfather for another year.>

Last night was the annual broadcast of the classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer animation, which no doubt many of the parents in the audience had to sit through.  So today, I share the classic MadTV “The Reinfather Trilogy” with you…

Warning: Extreme violence, incredibly vulgar langauge, blasphemy, poor table manners and in general none of these three videos should be played if you are prone to being offended, have small children near you, or will get in trouble for laughing out loud. (embedding is disabled on this one…)

Raging Rudolph – Goodfellas Parody

The Reinfather – Godfather Parody

A Pack of Gifts Now – Apocalypse Now Parody

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