I got nothing…

I got nothing…

It’s been a long time since I posted.  I’ve been wrapped up in endless development cycles, dealing with real world stuff and generally had way too much going on to have the time to deposit any gems of wisdom on you.  Of course, that presupposes that at this point, I do.  Which I do not…

I’m not making any promises now, but I will certainly try to post more soon.  For now, that evergreen post maker, a list:

  • We’re moving to an Agile development process.  It’s painful.  Really painful.
  • The stripers and blues are in, but I haven’t had time to fish.
  • I did a really cool secret project recently that I’ll never tell you about.  Just look on me in awe.
  • I’m rocking a really cool 64 bit 8 meg i7 lapworkstation now.  I think it has more processing power than any of my webservers.
  • Sad to see Gil Scott Heron pass – check out some of his tunes, and also read his bio.
  • 51st birthday – my friends once again show me how utterly cool they are, and throw me a really cool party. Gerhard, Kim, Mike, Caroline – you guys are the best!


Oh, and GO BRUINS!

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