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4 Replies to “WordPress Scalability”

  1. I’m debating whether I should use custom post types to post large volumes of transactional data to the system. I’m just worried that performance will be a real dog and that maybe having bespoke tables might help me achieve far better performance but then that forces me down a much more bespoke route that I’d love to avoid.

    I’m not an expert on WordPress and having read your post I thought maybe you could spare some wisdom in the form of your point of view or a pointer to some other reading material that might help me understand performance/scalability factors in WordPress better.

  2. While I agree with most of this I do not in anyway recommend Super Cache because it is disk based (same with LiteCache as well). Once you start clustering you will invariably need memcache and at that point you should either add Batcache or W3 Total Cache. Disk based caches are for hobbyists and amateurs.

  3. When this was written, W3 Cache hadn’t been released for more than a couple months, and since I am referring to issues I’d had prior to that, W3 Cache was not an option. I used W3 Cache now, but can say that it is certainly possible to get a disk based cache to work in a load balanced environment, as I did it for this project.

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