Blue Ice – the new Techno-thriller by Mark N. Cahill

Blue Ice – the new Techno-thriller by Mark N. Cahill

blue_ice_cover-193x30026 years in the making…I finally got the proof copy of my novel, Blue Ice.

It’s true – I started writing it, and in fact, most of the first chapter remains from 1986, when I began writing it in Manomet.  From the jacket copy:

I started writing Blue Ice in 1986, on a cold windy night in the house I lived in on the beach in Manomet, MA, using an IBM PCjr who’s only storage was a 5 1/2″ floppy drive. The first few pages were written that night, and remain pretty much as I wrote them then. I pecked at the book on and off for several years, until I finally got the resolve in 1997 and sat down to finish the job.

I spent some time during 1997 sending out copies to publishers, and twice came very close, making two separate publication lists for 1998, but in each case I was bumped for an established writer rather late in the game. Prior to starting work on my next book, I vowed that I would have to publish the first one. So here it is.

There’s still a bit of a way to go.  I expect that October 15 as a release date is wishful thinking.  Especially since I haven’t begun to do the final proofread. The good news for you is you now know what you’ll be giving everyone on your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus list.

You can find out more about the book at (that site in and of itself is a story, but I will tell that story in a later post).

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