Hagel – Mastering New Marketing

I picked this up from Churbuck.com yesterday.  John Hagel on New Marketing – Vario-teers may notice some eery similarities…I agree with his approach. 

To start with marketing strategy and again at the risk of over-simplification, conventional marketing is built upon the three “I’s”:

  • Intercept – target and expose customers to your message wherever you can find them.
  • Inhibit – make it as difficult as possible for the customer to compare your product or service with any other options.
  • Isolate – enter into a direct relationship with the customer and, wherever possible, remove all third parties from the relationship.

While new marketing:

I describe this marketing approach “collaboration marketing” and define it in terms of three “A’s”:

  • Attract – create incentives for people to seek you out.
  • Assist – the most powerful way to attract people is to be as helpful and engaging with them as possible – this requires a deep understanding of the various contexts in which people might use your products and a willingness to “co-create” products with customers.
  • Affiliate – mobilize third parties, including other customers, to become even more helpful to the people you interact with.

Read the whole article here.

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